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Satan In Chicago

Juggling Fire,


The Anatomy Of

A Cratedigger


The Halo Effect

Punk Rock For Hip Statisticians

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The Bond Street Review

The Bond Street Review, a PDF-only journal of new poetry and flash fiction since 2011, is published

bi-annually (in February and August) through the Ink Publications website and mailing list.

The Bond Street Review is posted to the Ink Publications website as well sent to all members

of the Ink Publications mailing list. Those submitting to The Bond Street Review will

automatically be added to the list. 

Bond Street cover, Winter 2024.JPG

The Bond Street Review, Winter 2024

The Bond Street Review, Summer 2023


The Bond

Street Review,

Winter 2023

The Bond

Street Review,

Summer 2022

The Bond Street Review, Winter 2022

The Bond Street Review, Summer 2021

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The Ink Publications Broadside Series

Please note: We do not accept submissions for the Broadside series; titles are published on an invitation-only basis.

Requiem image.JPG

Losing Duende by Alicia Hoffman (2010)

The King Of Water

by Eric Evans (2011)

How Not to Dress by Florine Melnyk (2012)

Helicoptor Full of Ghosts by Matthew Borczon (2016)

Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Wolf by Jennifer Campbell (2021)

Jazz Trio At The Record Store by Eric Evans (2023)

Requiem by Marietta Calvanico (2024)

Crows by

Eric Evans (2008)

Good Fortune by Alicia Hoffman (2008)

Reap Eat by Carly Christiansen (2008)

Lisbon via Boston by Eric Evans (2008)

Every Day of My

Life by Michael Estabrook (2010)

Geometry for Two by Lisa Feinstein (2009)

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Eric Evans is a writer and theatre artist from Buffalo, New York with stops in Portland, Oregon and Rochester, New York where he currently resides with his wife, Kathy. His work has appeared in 1947, Parody, Steel Bellow, Decades Review, Dead Snakes, decomP magazinE, Red River Review, Posey, Xenith Magazine, Anobium, Pemmican Press, Remark and many other publications and anthologies. He has published eight full collections and three broadsides through his own small press, Ink Publications, in addition to a broadside through Lucid Moon Press. He is also the co-editor of The Bond Street Review, as well as the Resident Dramaturg for Blackfriars Theatre in Rochester.

Photo credit: Michelle Macirella / Luminaria Photography


In the Press

"Juggling Fire, Blindfolded all but ignites in your hand, so infused is it with the force of fire. Eric Evans really lights it up in chronicling a romantic relationship - from its passionate beginning to its smoldering end. Although many of the poems are emotionally raw, the nerves are always tempered with a sense of humor and musicality. These are poems of passion and sex poems and love poems. They are all rather engaging and so funny and sad that quoting them here won't       do them justice. Fans of poetry that is direct and filled with heartbreak and humor must  check out this chapbook."

– Broken Pencil

The poems in Juggling Fire, Blindfolded are chronologically ordered – a gift to the reader – as the narrative within is a sort of coming to terms with the loss of old love and the welcoming in of the new.  These are not divorce poems, per say, as they lack any of that distasteful bitterness.  Evans has an open and forgiving heart, and a mind that embraces the more complicated truths through his use of juxtaposition. With a tinge of sadness, but never regret, these poems fully inhabit both the exhilaration and the pain of life’s various changes.  With allusive nods to great music and film, and with a gifted eye for extended metaphor, this exquisitely crafted book sings its music, featuring “no stars, just character actors you’d recognize on sight, saying things

that cut a little too close, set to a

soundtrack decidedly mid-tempo

and just this side of sad”.

– Alicia Hoffman, author of

Like Stardust in the Peat Moss

“In The Anatomy of a Cratedigger, Evans is making photos out of words, capturing what's sad and amazing, grainy and memorable in each moment, reaching for what is worth hanging on to and hinting at what exists outside each frame.”

Quimby’s Books


“With The Anatomy of a Cratedigger, Evans personalizes the obscure and finds the common ties between the pedestrian minutiae of family life and the more dazzling subjects of Patti Smith, Vermeer, Dystopian Literature, and Tiananmen Square…these poems are lyrical narratives, clear creative musings in lined form, and musical to the ear, reminding us that we, too, can think like a cratedigger, and that our connection to the archives of the world is an important one.”

Democrat & Chronicle

In The Press

News and Events


News and Events


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